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The mission of the Columbia No. 1 Fire Department shall be protecting the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of the Borough of Columbia and neighboring communities from the ravishes of fire and other disasters through public safety education, the extinguishment of fires, and providing to its customers an organization of men and women which they can depend and feel proud. Our objective shall be accomplished by upholding the professional image of the department by providing and maintaining suitable quarters, equipment and apparatus and promoting the spirit of good fellowship among its members for said purposes.

Columbia No. 1 Fire Department
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Taskforce Responds to Residential Rescue

Wednesday, July 23, 2014  As storms passed through the Susquehanna Valley, the Columbia No.1 Fire Department was dispatched as part of the Lancaster County Rescue Taskforce 36 for a Residential Rescue. At1840 hours Squad 801 and Squad 802 along with the other members of the Rescue Taskforce to respond to 251 West 28th Division Highway, Elizabeth Township.

 A poplar tree on the property snapped during a thunderstorm and came down on the roof and side walls of the home trapping the woman. Neighbors reportedly heard her screams for help. It took emergency crews about half an hour to cut away the collapsed walls to free her.

 The victim was awake and responsive as she was being transported to Hershey Medical Center. There is no word on her condition.

 The 200 block of the 28th Division Highway (Route 322) was closed for several hours during the rescue.




Wednesday, July 23, 2014  On Tuesday, July 22, 2014 Columbia No.1 Fire Department was alerted by 911 for an MVA-Class1 Route 30 at the Hellam Exit with Roll Over. Engine 801 made the response with a crew of 4. While enroute, Medic 102 and Hellam Twp Police arrived on scene and confirmed the vehicle accident was westbound at the Hallam Exit.

Emergency personnel informed York County Control (YCC) there were two vehicles involved with one vehicle off the roadway that rolled several times. Personnel on the scene confirming 2 Class 4 patients. Command contacted YCC and requested the Coroner to the scene.

 Engine 801 was redirected to Stand By in station at Wrightsville 41. While the Engine crew was in 41 Quarters, they were dispatched for a Medical Assist for Difficulty Breathing on South Front Street.





Sunday, July 20, 2014  At approximately 0222 hours in the early morning hours of Sunday, Lancaster County Control dispatched Engine 801 along with neighboring apparatus for a Vehicle Accident – Entrapment – 1A. Incident was reported to be in the area of Route 30 at Malleable Road, West Hempfield Township involving multiple patients.

Upon arrival, it was confirmed to be 4 vehicles involved in this 10-45. One SUV, 2 Sedans and one motorcycle with 1 Class 4 patient and several other patients requiring care. Route 30 was closed for several hours as police investigated the scene.





Thursday, July 17, 2014  Tonight the Columbia No.1 Fire Department hosted a Stat MedEvac Landing Zone Safety Training. This training was instructed by Stat MedEvac Flight Nurse Jenn Denlinger. Training class was coordinated by WET Captain Todd Stahl.

Classroom session was held in the department's 2nd Floor Training Room. Stat 13 landed in a large open field adjacent to Front Street. Instructor Denlinger & the Flight Crew shared with the students the various components and equipment of the helicopter, discussed numerous safety measures about Stat 13, proper landing zone, overhead obstructions and crew safety.

Thank you to Jen Denlinger & the Stat Flight Crew for a very informative training! Participating companies attending this training; Columbia QRS, Pioneer Fire Company Marietta, Pioneer Fire Company Ephrata, Susquehanna Fire Rescue Company, Blue Rock Fire Rescue and the host company Columbia No.1 FD.





Thursday, July 17, 2014  Wednesday, July 16, at 9:11am, the Box Alarm for 134 North Third Street, Columbia was dispatched for an Apartment Building Fire in Columbia Borough. Untis arrived on scene with fire showing. A quick response and aggressive fire fighting had the fire knocked down very quickly.

A special thank you to all the units who assisted on this incident. Stay Safe....





Saturday, June 21, 2014  The officers and members of the Columbia No. 1 Fire Department would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to all citizens and patrons of today's Chicken Barbecue!

The fund raiser was a huge success and the committee reported a sell out by 1 PM!

Thanks to Firefighter Ken Falcon and his committee for another successful event! 

See you in the Fall,  September 20, 2014 for our fall event!





Saturday, June 7, 2014  Tonight a TEAM 801 Firefighter graduated from High School and moved to the ranks of a senior firefighter with the Columbia No. 1 Fire Department and the Wrightsville Fire & Rescue Company! 

Congratulations to Firefighter Devon Anderson on your graduation from Eastern high School.  Devon is also the proud son of Department President Mike Anderson!  The officers and members of the Columbia No. 1 Fire Department are proud of you!





Monday, May 26, 2014 




Monday, May 26, 2014  Memorial Day is the time to remember and honor those we love.  We can celebrate those we have lost and those still in our midst.  Memorial Day is also about sharing in the feelings of freedom's defenders, just as you share in their recovery from the wounds of war. We can never do too much for the veterans whose bodies, minds and spirits bear the scars of war. 

The COLUMBIA NO. 1 FIRE DEPARTMENT is proud of its firefighters who have servd and are currently serving. 

FIREFIGHTER JUSTIN WALTMAN who is serving in the United States Army, brother we miss you and look for your safe return!

LIEUTENANT TODD LIGHTCAP JR who is in Iraq with the United States Navy Reserves, THANKYOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TODD!  Come home SAFE!

Though I don't know your name And I have never seen your face I shed tears for you.

Though my memories don't contain a time We shared together I miss you.

Though we are not related You are in my thoughts.

When I'm eating, or taking a shower, or doing housework, I think of you, knowing how much you wish you could be at home, Your stomach full, doing mundane chores such as cleaning your house, Clean from a fresh shower.

Though you are at terrible risk, and perhaps may not survive, You are NEVER ALONE, and will always be alive If only in our spirits, hopes and memories, our dreams for your future.

There are MILLIONS of people praying for you tonight And throughout the day.

Praying for your safely and return as a whole person In mind, body and spirit.

We are crying because we know. We know you are scared, and lonely.
And that you'd give anything to see your family, to hug you mother, father.
Your child, sister, brother, aunt, uncle.

To be showered with love and comfort,  Instead of sand and shrapnel.

We long for you too, with an ache so desperate as to make us insane.
To touch your face, see your smile; share your laughter and your tears.

We love you so much soldiers, you cannot know. You cannot fathom the swelling of pride in our chest as we think of you. Of your courage and your sacrifice, the hope that you can come home soon.

And those that have returned, we have not forgotten you; you are in our prayers,
That you may recover from your experience and be healed.

No matter what anyone says, not matter the reason you are there,
You are a UNITED STATES SOLDIER, and you make us PROUD!!
Every day for that beautiful flag, for our great fortune to be Americans.

There are no politics, no scandals, no mistakes, NOTHING, which can diminish the sentiment we have for you. And even as democracy permits free speech, as it should, which some may use to make judgments or cast aspersions, Remember always, we know you'd rather be on the couch debating it with us than spending your days trying just to stay alive.

Let no "freedom of speech' EVER make you doubt the American people's faith in and love for you. We are PROUD!

I've never met you, but I want you to know that I love you.  I'm praying for you. I honor you. I'm waiting for your return.

On this Memorial Day, 2014, and every day, Please know that you are being thought of.
WE MISS YOU. GOD BLESS YOU and keep you until the day we can celebrate face to face.






Saturday, May 24, 2014  This morning the firefighters from the COLUMBIA NO. 1 FIRE DEPARTMENT started there Memorial Day Holiday with fire from an abandon structure in West Hempfield Township.

04:38-801 LADDER due on BUILDING FIRE on Fire Box 3490 in West Hempfield Fire & Rescue (76) first due.  Address of fire 152 Franklin Road.  Units on scene with heavy fire from the rear.  801 LADDER with six firemen with LIEUTENANT WARNER in the seat.




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